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You can have a better vision to your business online by adopting the best server on a better host that gave you more possibility to have energy enough against all disagreeable hackers’ attacks.

Take a time to look for the best host server

If you are in a good position e-reputation on your website, you will do a good work, but you are exposed to a hacker’s attacks too. The solution is to migrate your server in the better host. There will be no problem because all host server service is paid by monthly fees with no contract. That is to say that you have liberty to choose your own host server.

We have done the job for you by submitting in any positions the host server that gives you the great power. The list is too long, but you can consult the best one on and get some information to his offers.

KoDDoS offres

There is option of a pack that you can engaged by month as in the level of your website traffic. No need to choose a pack that is too fast and will blocked your activity, but chose the one that conform into your website. In this pack, you can have the big data to be able to download all application needed. You have the faster bandwidth. The software available with none license. About the support service, technicians are free to assist you. Don’t care about upgrade time or a reboot one, this host server will do it frequently. But you need to be clever like a professional administrator website.

Select plugins that adapted into your website system

Let’s take an example as a WordPress language. They have a free theme, that is practice, but this is the best way to bring a hacker into the server. Better you invest for a paying theme, that is more sophisticated but interest. You have to collaborate with a specific tool and stop using Skype but choose TeamViewer for example.

You can activate your DDoS protection now by opting one of our web servers or a proxy remote and a dedicated server, that you can choose as a server functionality.


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