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Our tips for buying your clothes at Asos

If asos seduces a new customer every minute, it is thanks to a war machine perfectly oiled. For each type of product, teams of buyers, merchandisers and designers work to find the trends, identify the right parts and choose the materials. From the reception of the samples until the shooting of the mannequins through the retouches service, everything is internalized.

All ASOS privileges during the balance period

Shopping on the internet during sales offers many benefits: no queuing in stores, or fitting rooms or crates, A considerable time saving. You can take the time, from home, to look, compare, search to find THE favorite product. You can even save your articles. And if ever the product did not suit you, the online sales site offers you the return. Delivery is also free. With ASOS, you'll also enjoy additional discounts such as promo codes and private sales: sales start a good week before the official date, for your greatest happiness and that of your wallet. On the other hand, the loyalty program "Asos Premier" allows you to benefit from a free express delivery without minimum purchase and sales and promotions in preview, and this, throughout the year.

You know exactly how to manage your balances

You constantly receive newsletters warning you of mid-season sales or simply big sales. Over time, you've learned how to prioritize: the shoes first, then the little black dress

Try before you buy, the new Asos feature

We have all our little tips: order the same product in two or three different sizes, to return those that will not go, or bet on the "free returns" feature. The problem is that even if we will be reimbursed, in the meantime, the money has disappeared from our bank account!

Well, that was before. The online sales site Asos decided to solve this problem by proposing a new option: try before you buy! The principle is ultra-simple: we order the outfits that we like without paying a penny, and we have 30 days after the order to settle it: plenty of time to try everything and return the parts that do not fit us !

The ultimate pleasure to return an item without paying

How many times have you had to pay the postage for a return? Too much ! While on Asos, you do not have that problem. You can order as many items as you want without ever worrying about the cost of return.


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