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Exciting and inovating for the good of your business

Every business always needs to renew its breath. For this, several methods are recommended as the outputs between employees ... However, one can completely and radically renovate the spirit of a society. By integrating something new, something trendy, we often have positive results for business. On this, add a touch of modernity in your society.

New approach

Marketing is a key concept in the evolution of a business. As in the end, any company is for commercial purpose, it is this mode of communication that will make the difference. Indeed, the more a brand, a product or a range is known, the more the clientele will increase. However, this begins far away, in the very bowels of the company. To be able to generate an environment conducive to evolution, you have to know how to communicate. In the end, it is always tiresome to receive instructions from someone you do not see. In addition, over time, we miss important alerts of one fact or another. To overcome this, xpert eye is the project designed for you. This concept combines both connected objects, assisted reality and data transmission. You will be able to contact someone in your office without even having to travel.

What benefits ?

By integrating this new technology at home, you will only make money. You will no longer need to worry about the waste of time generated by paperwork and travel. In addition, you can guide someone without even being in the field. Imagine the case of a worker repairing a machine but who will however require your supervision. If you are not supposed to leave your office, you will still have the opportunity to give the right advice for the operation to go smoothly. You and your colleagues can share information in real time. In video conference, you will be able to have in view the person who speaks to you in 3D version. It's better than a picture framed in a corner of the screen. Xpert Eye uses smart glass to achieve this end. In addition, your image of the customer will be even better with this touch of novelty.


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