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Welcome to the secret forum

Welcome to the secret forum that deals with our daily lives. Several themes are developed in this forum. We share our experiences day by day and we learn a lot from one another. Thousands of members animate this hub with interesting subjects that nourish our inquisitiveness of mind. Members are friendly, courteous, polite and civilized. We share same fields of interest and we are one single family.

As you can expect it, this is a secret group. A private one. It means that we respect the terms of confidentiality. Our discussions can not be revealed to the public. And no matter what would be your opinion, you will always be given the freedom to express it here. We are open-minded enough, otherwise we would have not created this handsome relation.

We do not have restrictions on any subjects having a link with our daily life. We can discuss about anything. Here are some specific fields we often develop: News (in its global term) – Sports (all sports that exist all around the world, we have specialists on each discipline) – Politics (it’s one of the most developed themes because of numerous political tensions that existe world wide) – Fun (as you know it is important to have fun from time to time, it helps a lot. Every week we animate the page with funny themes and it’s rather entertaining) and Othersfor absolutely everything that is unusual.

The list above is a short one, it appears that we propose subjects that are different from thoses we listed earlier. This secret forum is a way for us to relieve stress, meet new friends, buid new relationships while we learn about foreign cultures and beliefs. Indeed, this hub gather people coming from all around the world and this melting-pot provides each of us an amazing experience. We are looking forward to see you join our warm family and make us learn a lot about your belifs, cultures and experiences.

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